Liquid Fuel Storage – Checklist for Spill Prevention

When it comes to liquid fuel storage, whether for outdoor kerosene tanks, or fuel tanks in the basement of your home, safe storage is paramount. You can do your own inspection and make a determination as to whether it is good to go. Use these check lists to help determine whether you need to replace or re-set your tank. If you are not sure – just give us a call and we can come out and inspect it for you.

Liquid Fuel Storage

Checklist for the GOOD tank:

  • Tank is secure & not tipping
  • 2" iron pipe fill & vent w/vent alarm at base of vent pipe
  • Tank gauge (far right)
  • Tank installed on concrete using iron pipe tank legs and floor flanges
  • Tank is set on concrete
  • Tank bottom has firematic valve and fuel filter
  • Fuel line coated with vinyl for protection

Check list for the possibly BAD tank
If any ONE of these things are true – you may have a potentially hazardous situation on your hands. If you need work done, we can provide a free estimate for new equipment or work we recommend.

  • Tank may be level but does not seem secure (dirt floor)
  • Tank is rusty
  • There is staining or evidence of drips or seeps
  • There is no firematic valve
  • There is no fuel filter
  • There is no protective coating on fuel line