We value your business! If you've had an experience with our company worth sharing, please tell us using our feedback form. See below some of the kind thoughts that our valued customers have shared.

"Just a note to tell you how helpful and friendly your driver was this morning. He even helped me open the gate so he could gain access to the tank! Want to give credit where credit is due. He is an asset to your company!"

Annie P.

"It is nice to see that there are still businesses that believe the customer comes first and the customer is not just a number. You have proved to me why it is always best to do business with a local hometown business rather than the large chains where you are just a number."


"(Your deliveryman) worked very efficiently to provide professional courteous service and was very knowledge and went above and beyond what he needed to, to be certain I was satisfied. My father always told me” you do right and nobody remembers... you do wrong and nobody forgets”. I’d like Jeff to know I appreciated his efforts and would like you to tell him also. It’s the little things that make a BIG difference. In business our people can make or break us and it is difficult to find employees who really care."


"Ray's Wayside has been doing business with Paul Oil for as long as any of us can remember. With each passing year (decades, actually) Paul Oil Company has always been nothing but courteous, helpful and timely. We would recommend Jerry Fuller and staff to anyone who is looking for Fuel Oil or Propane."

Eddie Ray of Rays' Wayside

"We have had Paul Oil for 52 years and they have been very honest and trustworthy, always providing great service."


"We recently moved to the area. On the advice of the previous homeowners we continued to use Paul Oil in Hamilton. Your services, drawn on many times last winter were both timely and efficient. During our furnace conversion from oil to propane this late summer we enjoyed the one-on-one assistance. This transition was truly seamless thanks to Jerry and his staff. "Paul Oil, a great choice.""

Rose and Steve

"I have always had excellent fuel service, as well as customer service from the company. Whether I call with questions or stop in, Jerry and Tina are always very friendly and accommodating to my fuel oil needs. The first winter that I owned my home, in late spring we had a cold snap, and not being accustomed to using fuel oil, I ran out late on a Friday night, when it was blistering cold, below zero. Jerry came out early Saturday morning with a fuel fill up for me. I then immediately took his suggestion that I go on the budget plan with automatic fill ups and I have never had a close call since. I would strongly recommend Paul Oil to any of my friends that are looking for a fuel company, and have in fact told many friends how happy I am with my fuel oil service."


"We needed an exterior tank whistle and a new fuel gauge. Jeff of Paul Oil did a terrific job quick and neat --- there was no service charge. We only paid for parts."

Rick and Barbara

"Paul Oil has been a very reliable and dependable energy supplier to my home the employees are professional and consistently helpful."


"I would just like to thank Paul Oil and all of your staff for helping and working with me on my fuel purchases during the past heating season when my heating oil needs changed substantially..."


"Being a customer for over 40 years, I have no complaints, never ran out of fuel oil and everyone is very friendly."